ScatterGun Lodge was truly blessed by two very special guests during our 2017 season.  Ask anyone that had the pleasure of meeting John Timmerman or Marvin Looney and they will tell you what we are talking about.

These two guys were indeed the highlight of our season.  Their never ending smiles, their love of the outdoors, their willingness to share their wisdom and the instant respect they so richly deserved and received from everyone that they came in contact with was incredible.

They were up bright and early to head to the field with their favorite shotgun.  They walked, they blocked and they missed a few and shot a lot.  They shared their incredible memories of hunt adventures past and a few they still planned to take.

Just for the record I do not know one single person that does not want to be just exactly like these two very special guests.  The reason is that Marv Looney is 90 years old and John Timmerman is 92.

Thank you both see you next year.