With hunting season just around the corner I’d like to update you on commercial air service at Pierre Regional Airport.

US DOT awarded essential air service to ADI for another two years.  Same plane, route and schedule but there are changes.

Starting August 1st, ADI will change their name to California Pacific Airlines due to ADI’s acquisition from a businessman in Carlsbad, CA. With that change comes new tail feathers and new reservations but the same low rates as low as $49 to Watertown, SD and $99 to Denver.

Reservations will be available on third party reservation platforms such as expedia and Travelocity in addition to www.mycpair.com or calling their reservation number 855-505-9394.  Interline agreements with Delta and American Airlines are in the works but for the mean time, checked bags still have to be collected in Denver.

Existing reservations will seamlessly transfer.  Local travel agents can make reservations if you experience problems booking.

Book early!  Watertown passenger traffic has increased 50% since ADI started and takes as many seats as Pierre does.


Mike Isaacs | Airport Manager

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