Guide Staff 2003

100 degrees and still going

Boom & Bear

South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds, 2005

Coach Bruce Pearl

Coyote Karate by Chuck Norris

Just call me "Hank"

Mike and Marissa Sanford

H.T. Hackney

Erics First Birds

New Flag Pole 2016

Gary Sinese

The "Coach" Bobby Knight

Wynn Jessup and John Goodrich

The new kennel April 25, 2002

Al Leitz 2001

Surrety Associates

Lodge front December 25, 2002

Steaks Anyone?

Mark & Rick

Brad Lewis

Nigel's Bone IN Prime

Curt Miller 2000

Sean O' Hair

Senator John Thune and Vice President Dan Quayle

Sheila and Sarah

Showplace Choir 2005

Tom Dokken

Wayne LaPierre

Big Sam

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