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 The program is so
 popular, there’s
 a waiting list for
 people to join.

 and they start to get antsy. They want
 to get back to work, and they’re excited
 to return to the lodge. They’re equally
 excited at the end of the season to return
 to their foster homes.
 The program is so popular, there’s a
 waiting list for people to join.
 All of the ScatterGun’s dogs are
 trained by Tom Dokken, of Oak Ridge
 Kennels in Northfield, Minnesota. Train-
 ing is done in stages, with young pups
 starting with a two-week, bird- and
 gun-introduction class designed to bring
 out and enhance the dogs’ natural abil-
 ities, and develop a strong drive to
 retrieve. The pups then go to their foster
 homes and become well socialized before
 returning for an intermediate course.
 This training establishes good citizenship
 in terms of basic obedience, whistle
 recall, and quartering skills. There’s also
 a focus on force-fetching for dogs to
 deliver to heel and hold. At the same
 time, they’re introduced to the e-collar
 and trained to hunt close, as good South
 Dakota lodge dogs should.
 “Of course, basic obedience is hunting
 close,” says Chuck. “They need to com-                                            Four roosters and a spent
                                                                                   shell casing in the air give
 plement what we’re doing. They’re going                                           an indication of how fast
 to work. They’ve got a job to do, and                                             and furious the action can
                                                                                   be at ScatterGun Lodge.

 Within reasonable range,
 28-gauge shotguns are
 often all that’s needed at
 lodges like ScatterGun,
 where the dogs are
 trained to hunt close.

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