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              The Mossberg Silver Reserve II Field Combo over/under is an affordable, all-around good choice for chasing
              upland birds. It comes with two sets of barrels: a 28", 12-gauge barrel, and a 26", 20-gauge barrel. Both barrel
              sets come with five interchangeable choke tubes. The Silver Reserve II has chrome-lined chambers and barrels,
              dual locking lugs, and a tang-mounted safety with integral barrel selector. It sports a satin-finish, black walnut
              stock, and a receiver with an attractive wraparound scroll engraving. $1,197;

         pair of young black Labs, Chloe and   late-October, the dogs held up well. It   stellar. I suspect that had little to do with
         Batman, that kept us entertained with   helped that the milo strips weren’t miles   switching guns, and much to do with
         their boundless energy. Our group of   long, and the dogs got a short break every   staying up late the previous evening con-
         four hunters accounted for a total of 25   time a bird went down. We hunted both   suming a few adult beverages and swap-
         birds that first morning, within the gen-  the milo, and at times the natural cover   ping stories of dubious veracity with my
         erous limits of the lodge, and I did most   consisting of tall grass and trees along a   fellow hunters. Happily, the dogs didn’t
         of my damage toting a Mossberg SA-28.   creek drainage.           hold it against me.
           Although the weather was a bit warmer   On the second day, I decided to switch
         than you might typically encounter in   guns, and my shooting was less than


     Destroy Your Hearing


     Save It

     Years of duck hunting destroys hearing. Research shows that
     people with hearing loss are significantly more likely to develop
     dementia than those with normal hearing . TETRA™ products were
     designed by hearing doctors and lifelong hunters to help save your
     hearing while hunting. With TETRA’s patent-pending Specialized
     Target Optimization™, unsafe sound levels are reduced, but
     voices, wing beats, and calling are clear. TETRA isn’t just hearing
     protection... it’s hearing perfection.

                  Using advanced digital signal processing, Specialized Target Optimization (STO),
                  doesn’t make everything loud. STO makes voices and calling clear and natural,
                  while decreasing unwanted noise and reducing harmful sounds to safe levels.  TETRAHUNT.COM

         62  GUN DOG MAGAZINE  |  November 2019                                    
                  1- Lin FR, Metter EJ, O’Brien RJ, Resnick SM, Zonderman AB, Ferrucci L. Hearing Loss and Incident Dementia. Arch Neurol. 2011;68(2):214–220. doi:10.1001/archneurol.2010.362
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