Pheasant Perfect Habitat

Habitat the ScatterGun Claim to Fame.

Great hunting is not about how many acres you hunt it’s about how good is the habitat. Take a second to see for yourself the definition of “Perfect” means at ScatterGun Lodge.

Ideal Habitat, does not just happen. It takes time, effort and money to make an empty patch of dirt into a garden. The same holds true when it comes to wildlife and pheasant habitat in South Dakota. The secret to great hunting is great habitat. It does not matter how many acres you hunt, but rather the amount of land that is ideally suited to propagate and protect wildlife, that makes the difference. We learned a long time ago that renting or leasing farmland to hunt was not the answer. The conflict between commercial agriculture and hunting is apparent to anyone that ever took to the field in pursuit of a Ringneck Pheasant.

Mowing, chemicals and crop yields are not what’s good for wildlife. Food, shelter and water are the basic ingredients for wonderful pheasant hunting and ScatterGun has them all.

Owning 3000 acres of land all adjacent to our lodge is a true advantage. Having no livestock or commercial farming makes it even better. Since 1999 we have invested a great amount of effort and money into developing the perfect place to raise and hunt pheasants. Over a hundred thousand trees were planted in 2000. Cedars, lilacs, crabapples and plum trees are now providing ideal cover for our birds. We have purchased all the equipment for planting all of our cover and food plots. While a 90 ft. wide air seeder might be ideal to plant corn or soybeans for a commercial producer, they don’t work when it comes to pheasant habitat.

Small fields and strips planted in diverse crops that are never harvested, provide the perfect setting for game and sportsman alike.

Habitat development has been and will continue to be a primary focus here at ScatterGun. Restoration of native prairie grasses will continue to provide an ever-growing place for our birds to nest. Development of wetlands will enhance to already incredible versatility of our on going wildlife production. Careful crop management will continue to provide the perfect environment for not only pheasants, but all species of wild game here on the ranch.

The creation of ideal habitat takes both time and money. In the end however it is the single largest factor in providing to our guests the finest pheasant hunting experience in all of South Dakota.

A wise man one said, “It just takes a little more to go first class.” That is what we are all about.


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