August 26, 2020 was National Dog Day.  It is also the day we said “Farewell” to one of our most beloved ScatterGun Retrievers, Bailey.  For the past ten years this wonderful dog brought nothing but joy to her foster family, Tracy and Julie Bashore, in Rochester Minnesota, as well as every guide and guest that ever had the privilege to hunt with this great dog.

For openers she showed us what the true meaning of joy was.  A morning jog with Julie or a long days hunt at the lodge, quickly made it apparent that she was the happiest dog on earth.  The love and caring she received from her incredible family was amazing.  Their kindness was their bond, and those big brown eyes showed Bailey’s never-ending appreciation.

When hunting season came around Bailey was a “trailer” dog.  That means if someone would open and close the trailer door, she would do the rest.  She was always a perfect lady, always anxious to please everyone around her.  She lived and loved to hunt.

Today, each in our own time and place, we will shed a tear over the loss of our friend.  We will reflect on the fact that like so many before her, these wonderful animals just do not live long enough. Another hunting season is just around the corner, but this one will be different.  There will be an empty kennel run at ScatterGun Lodge and an empty place in our hearts for the wonderful dog that for ten years blessed our lives.

Our opening day will come and go and Bailey will be watching.  The difference being that she is now in a place that the hunting season never ends.

Tracy, Julie and Family, we thank you.

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