Just the boys checking in.  We’re just about set to bring in the clients! Guides and dogs are arriving, coolers are getting loaded up, and the lodge looks beautiful. We sure miss you.

You’d be proud of the way the ranch looks.  Our guys and the Ogle’s have done great work as you knew they would.  We planted every one of our acres.  Heck we even rotated a couple hundred acres to corn.  (We’re going to leave 12 rows alongside the CRP trees, that should be fun)!  We’ll have a hundred and forty strips, and twelve total hunting areas.  And you should see the water.  The lakes on section seventeen and section eight are full of water and ducks.  Behind Jimmy’s is prettier than ever and everyone is excited to get back there.  We’re hoping to convince some folks who may not have seen our framing at its best will take another look.  If they do, we’ll show them what your vision really looked like.

You’d also be proud of the way the four of us work together.  Everyone is using their own special talents and riding for the brand.  And we are doing it as one. The idea of running your ranch is a little scary at times (usually 3:30 am or so).  But the principles and playbook you left are imprinted deeply on all of us.  We won’t be changing the chocolate cake.

On a sadder note, Willy passed away recently.  He was a goofball, wasn’t he?  But he sure was pretty and there are not a lot of dogs who produced like he did.  Jarvis, Sophie and Bear are doing great.  We also got a new one this summer.  Bubbles!  Do you love that?  Speaking of the dogs, you’re going to like what we do with your kennel.  Going forward litters will come in every season for the next five years at least.  Your brilliant foster dog program continues too.  We’re looking for new foster families so if you get a chance, tap someone on the brain, would you?

So that’s the update for now, Pop.  We hope you’re enjoying yourself.  We still appreciate your sense of humor (the flooded toilet in the bunkhouse wasn’t funny though).  Your messages are being received loud and clear.  We know coincidence is still God’s way of staying anonymous, people can’t have fun if they don’t feel safe, and keep your damn dogs close. Gotta go put on your show, Dad.  Stay close would ya?

The Boys